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Dear Tourist!

Welcome to Internet Service of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK)!

You will find here information not only about our Society but also many useful facts for every tourist.

On the website entitled Facts for the visitor you will find information about Poland and some significant vocabulary connected with tourism in Poland. You will also find out what PTTK is and how it can help you when you come to Poland.

On the website entitled "Everything about PTTK" you will find lists of PTTK Regional Museums and Regional Sightseeing Workshops, information about regulations of our distinctions and more!

The last website, "Life of PTTK", will give you information about present events and their terms, topics that are discussed, our resolutions - that all you can find there!

And finally, there are websites about our service. First of all "a map" - without which none of the tourists can do - and history and the present, as well as plans for the future.

This service has been created for you, so you cannot miss creating it! We are waiting for your suggestions and opinions. Please, write to us!