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Climbing Centre in Krakow


The country - wide climbing centre is situated in the centre of old Krakow, near the Market Square, Jagiellonian University and the Old Theatre. It was opened in 1992 and occupies two historic tenement houses at 6/6a Jagiellońska Street. The Centre's motto is: EVERYTHING ABOUT MOUNTAINS - EVERYTHING FOR THE MOUNTAINS.

According to this motto, the Centre collects and enables to use archives, books, maps and other information about mountains all over the world as well as it coordinates and organizes the Society's climbing activities.

The Central Mountain Library which has a few thousands of books, over six thousands of magazines and publications and almost a thousand maps is the pride of the Centre. It is the second biggest book collection on mountains (the biggest on in Munich). Its publishing house issues an annual "Wierchy" ("Crags"), a quarterly "Gazeta Górska" ("Mountains' Gazette") and other publications on mountains. The centre is responsible for marking out and maintaining trails in the mountains.

Main Historic Archive of Climbing collects works on and enables to use precious historic documents. There are two lecture rooms, modern workshops with audio - video equipment, photography workshop and computers.

There are two art galleries in the centre where temporary exhibitions of photography and paintings on mountains are shown. There is a bookshop "Pod Wierchami" (books about mountains) on the ground floor and a café in the historic cellar, which is also situated in the backyard in summer.

The Centre has its posts around the country: centres of climbing - small museums situated next to the huts. These collect and exhibit valuable historic and archival collections on certain mountains' regions.

The Centre is also headquarters of the Climbing Commission and the Skiing Commission, "Wierchy" editor's office, the Circle of Tatry Guides and Krakow's Club of Climbing Guides.

You can find a plate dedicated to Edward Moskała - a person who loved mountains and was an initiator as well as the first director of the Centre.

Mountains' lovers from all over Poland as well as from abroad visit the historic buildings at Jagiellońska Street in Krakow. You are very welcomed to visit us! We also give information on the phone, by e-mails as well as by post.

Our address:
31 - 010 Kraków
ul. Jagiellońska 6/6a

Phone numbers:

  • The switchboard + 48 (12) 422 - 28 - 40, 422 - 79 - 17;
    fax: 421 - 21 - 13
  • Director, secretariat + 48 (12) 422 - 28 - 40
  • Vice - director + 48 (12) 429 - 15 - 06
  • The Central Mountain Library + 48 (12) 422 - 15 - 57
  • The Climbing Commission + 48 (12) 422 - 74 - 31
  • The Skiing Commission + 48 (12) 422 - 74 - 31
  • "Wierchy" editor's office + 48 (12) 422 - 28 - 40 extension 26
  • The bookshop "Pod Wierchami" + 48 (12) 429 - 14 - 85