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Regulations of PTTK Mountain Tourist Distinction (GOT)



Polish Sightseeing Society, the heir and continuator of Polish Tatry Society, establishes in this regulations rules of earning PTTK Mountain Tourist Distinction which was established in 1935 - further on it is called GOT.


GOT is supervised by Mountain Tourism Commission of Main Board.


GOT is earned by hiking in Polish mountains and border mountain ranges of Karpaty and Sudety; you should obey rules of rational and safe mountain hiking as well as regulations concerning passing preserved and border areas.


1.There are four categories of GOT: popular, small, large, for perseverance.

2. Distinctions: popular and for perseverance are single -grade.

3. Distinctions small and large have three grades: bronze, silver and gold.


Regulations of earning GOT:

1. You earn GOT in the following sequence: popular, small bronze, small silver, small gold, large bronze, large silver, large gold.

2. The owner of a small gold or large gold distinction can earn a distinction for perseverance.

3. You can earn only one distinction during the calendar year; the exceptions are popular and small bronze distinctions that can be earned in the same year if the earner is over 10 years old.

4. Higher categories and grades do not have to be earned in the successive years and they do not have to be earned in one year. Amount of the years is not limited. GOT booklet should be verified after meeting rules of the distinction's grade.


Popular and small distinctions are earned according to the following rules:

1. You get 1 point for each kilometre and 1 point for 100 meters of climbing. If the trip can be found in the "Graded routes for GOT" (which is an attachment to this regulations), you should use points provided for it in the "Graded tours for GOT".

2. Each age category has its own score of points for earning distinctions; as follows:

GOT category and grade
Age categories
  8-10 years old
years old
15 - 50
years old
Over 50 years old
and disabled
Popular 40 50 60 50
Small bronze 80 100 120 100
Small silver - 300 360 300
Small gold - 600 720 600

3. You cannot score points from one route more than once when earning points for certain distinction.

4. If you earn more points than required for the distinction, surplus will be added to the next grade; however, it cannot be more than 50% of points required for the following grade.


Each GOT large distinction is earned by attending a few - day - trips, according to the following rules:

1. The rout should lead through at least 7 places pointed out in the second part of "Graded tours for GOT".

2. The places should be used only once during earning all three grades of the large distinction.


GOT for perseverance is earned according to the following rules:

1. A candidate for a large gold distinction has to meet seven times (and the owner of a small gold distinction - ten times) the rules of earning one of the small or large distinctions.

2. That fulfilment has to be verified by Central Verifying Department.

3. GOT for perseverance can be earned only once during each cycle of earning.


1. Only PTTK mountain guides can do a confirmation and verification of the GOT booklet.

2. Guides are nominated for the following mountain ranges: Tatry and Podtatrze, Beskidy Zachodnie, Beskidy Wschodnie, Sudety, Góry Świętokrzyskie.

3. Confirmation of scoring points in the border ranges mentioned in point 3 of these regulations could be obtained from guides who are nominated for those regions.

4. The owner of a small gold distinction can try to gain entitlement of a guide.


1. Awarding distinction can be done on the basis of completed and confirmed GOT booklet.

2. PTTK Climbing Commission establishes the pattern of GOT booklet. Rights of publishing the booklet and the regulations are reserved for PTTK Centre of Climbing.


GOT booklet should be filled out according to the following rules:

1. You should collect confirmations of the route (e.g. stamps with the names of the cities).

2. Trips should be written down according to the point 6 of these regulations and should be verified by the guide.

If the rout cannot be found in the "Graded routs for GOT", you should write it down with details giving distance in km and the total of climbed meters (in full hundreds).

3. Trips in the border ranges of mountains are scored as mentioned in the point 6 part 1 of the regulations.

4. A guide checks attendance in the trip and confirms it in the booklet with their signature and their guide identity card.

5. A guide can confirm following trips:

  • in the extent of his nominations even if they were not present on the trip
  • over their extent if they took part in the trip


Points for a popular and small distinction can be verified in any local verifying department. The Central Verifying Department in Krakow verifies points for GOT large and for perseverance. The booklet should be verified 31 December the latest.


1. A verified booklet entitles to buying and wearing a distinction.

2. You can buy distinctions in the PTTK posts after showing the booklet


Any queries considering this regulation should be sent to PTTK Climbing Commission.


This regulation was established on the meeting of PTTK Climbing Commission - 9th January 1999.