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Nowadays, facing the fact that a new area of tourism, namely horse-riding tourism, is getting more and more popular in Europe and world-wide, in Poland we can pride almost a hundred years' tradition of this recreation type. The origins of horse-riding tourism reach back to 19th century Carpathian Mountains.

It was here where the first tourists exploring wild mountain areas used the services of local Highlander guides - called the Huculs and their special horse breed, strong and well adjusted to mountain conditions, also referred to as huculs. This horse breed played also a considerable role 10 years ago, during the revival of mountaineering horse-riding m tourism. The centre was the Hucul Horse Stable in Gładyszów.

The lowland horse-riding tourism, in turn, has a completely different origin. In this case a great significance had chivalry and cavalry traditions.

fot M P KrzemienNowadays in Poland the lowland horse-riding tourism flourishes around stables as well as sports and recreation centres. The most numerous centers can be found in the Beskidy Mountains, where the conditions for mountineering horse riding tourism are the most favourable. In each centre affiliated at PTTK (Polish Society for Sightseeing and Tourism), a tourist can find horses appropriate for horse-riding tourism, accommodation, boxes for visitors' horses and well as a professional PTTK Horse Riding Tourism Guide, who can not only takes us for a ride or o trip, but also provide all information and advice. The centres existing in the Beskidy Mountains have been plotted on the map. Amongst them, as well as around them, horse-riding trails have been designed and marked out in the area. The information on their current status can be obtained from the centre's owner or a PTTK Horse-Riding Tourism Leader. It is worth mentioning that the trails run among the most beautiful areas on the mountains, and their lagth in the Bieszczadzki National Park alone is 200 km.

The PTTK Badges of Horse-Riding Tourism, lowland and mountaineering, popularise correctly managed and safe horse-riding tourism. The program staff of PTTK - PTTK Horse-Riding Tourism Leaders help to acquire them, who also run training sessions for particular grades an confirm participation in rides.

fot M P Krzemien

The entirety of horse-riding tourism in Poland within PTTK is managed by the Horse-Riding Tourism Committee of the Board of PTTK through itssubcommittes - the lowland and the mountaineering one. In their offices one can obtain any information as verify and purchase the badges.

PTTK Mountaineering Horse-Riding Tourism Subcommittee
31-010 Kraków, ul. Jagiellońska 6, phone +48 12 421-21-13
PTTK Lowland Horse-Riding Tourism Subcommittee
87-400 Golub Dobrzyń, ul. PTTK Zamek, phone +48 56 683-26-66