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Sightseeing Distinction


I. Decisions.

1. Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society established sightseeing Distinction – later on called the distinction -.

2. Popularisation of Poland and its sightseeing are the aims of the distinction.

3. PTTK controls earning of the distinction by Main Board's Sightseeing Commission.

4. The distinction is divided into the following categories and grades:

Regional Sightseeing Distinction (ROK)

  • bronze
  • silver

Sightseeing of Poland Distinction (OKP)

  • bronze
  • silver
  • gold
  • gold with sapphire

5. The distinction is earned in the order of categories and grades. The distinction can be earned on condition that you visit definite amount of sightseeing places, in the time specified in these regulations.

6. Places pointed out for earning the following grades of the distinction in one category cannot be rated among earning higher grades.

7. Regions pointed out for the following grades of OKP cannot be rated among higher grades. This does not exclude possibility of visiting unknown places in regions rated among lower grades.

II. Regulations of earning the distinction.

8. You can earn the distinction if you are over 10 years old.

9. The distinction can be earned during any kind of trips e.g. hiking, cycling etc.

10. ROK can be earned by visiting places listed in the chart I (places chosen according to the sightseer; they do not have to be listed in the Rules of Sightseeing Poland).

Regulations of earning ROK
Conditions Grade
Bronze Silver
General amount of visited places 20 40
In this at least:
Architectural monuments 4 8
Museums, regional chambers 1 3
Places of national remembrance 2 4
Reserves 1 2
Historic parks 1 2
National parks or sightseeing parks - 1

11. ROK bronze should be earned:

a) in the time not exceeding 1 year; the time is counted from the first trip (in this and other categories and grades),

b) visiting places in the number indicated in the chart I placed near the place of residence and within distance of 40 km,

c) you should additionally visit 2 historic parks if there is no reserve in the area.

12. ROK silver should be earned:

a) in the time not exceeding 2 years,

b) visiting places in the number indicated in the chart I placed in the area of the province connected with the place of residence. If you live near the border of 2 provinces, you are allowed to visit places in the neighbouring province within distance of 40 km from your place of residence. Borders of the regions are the same as borders of the provinces.

Regulations of earning OKP
Conditions Grade
bronze Silver Gold
Minimal amount of places listed in the Rules of Sightseeing Poland
Most interesting cities 2 3 5
National parks 2 4 7
Monuments (a) 20 30 60
Museums (b) 10 20 40
Other sightseeing places (c) 10 20 40
Minimal number of new regions 3 4 5
Time of earning (no longer than...) 3 years 5 years 9 years

13. OKP is earned by visiting places listed in the chart II. Time of earning cannot be longer than the one given in the chart.

14. Places that should be visited are listed in the Rules of Sightseeing Poland.

15. Grade gold with sapphire is earned after visiting all places listed in the Rules of Sightseeing Poland. Time of earning is unlimited.

III. Verification.

16. The verification takes place on the grounds of the chronicle of trips. There should be dates and confirmations of the trips (e.g. tickets, stamps from the museums, photographs etc.)

17. Verifying groups award ROK. The list of groups is in the attachment; exceptionally members of central Verifying Group can award it, if there is no Verifying Group in the branch or in the area.

18. PTTK Sightseeing Commission awards OKP.

19. Before showing the chronicle appropriate group, it should be verified by sightseeing instructor:

- a Sightseeing Instructor for the Region - ROK

- a Poland Sightseeing Instructor or Sightseeing Instructor of Merit - OKP

20. A certificate entitles to weaning ROK and OKP of each grade.

IV. Ending regulations.

21. Owners of Sightseeing Distinction in grades silver and gold earned according to regulations from 1975 can earn the distinction on the basis of these regulations beginning from OKP bronze.

22. Owning the regional distinction in any grade established by PTTK local units entitles to earning ROK bronze.

23. These regulations were established on 18th December 1992.