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Vocabulary connected with hiking in Poland


HIKING TRAIL - paths in the mountains, lowlands and uplands in Poland that are marked with different colours: black, blue, green, red, yellow (when you follow the path, every few meters you see e.g. red mark on a tree); if you follow it all the way it'll take you to a certain place; such trips can sometimes take even a few days.

HUT - hotels of lower standard where there are only big rooms with beds, place to sleep on the floor if a hut is full, there usually is one shared bathroom, dinning room; the building is often made of wood

SHELTER - kind of wooden houses where you can sleep in, there is an old - fashioned kitchen with stove, water is in the well, and the toilet is outside the building; such places are usually run by students and are opened seasonally

PTTK CAMPSITES - places where you can find military tents to sleep in or where you can stand your own tent and stay there for a few days, water is in the stream, toilet standing in the forest; they are quite often run by students and are opened only in the summer; there are around 20 of them in Polish mountains

PTTK RIVER MARINA - a campsite near the water (river or lake) where you can stay overnight while kayaking; there is a hotel, a bar and a place where you can stand your tent

PTTK REGIONAL SIGHTSEEING WORKSHOPS - these are places, usually situated in the branches, where you can find someone who can tell you a history of the region, give you tips where to go; you can also find there small libraries

PTTK GOT - Mountain Tourist Distinction - distinction that can be earned during climbing mountains; there are different grades (bronze, silver and gold) and different categories (popular, small and large)