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PTTK Huts' Regulations


1. PTTK huts are designed for all tourists.

2. There is an emblem of PTTK on the wall near the entrance.

3. There are: regulations of the hut, price list with available discounts, information about trails (maps or charts), timetables of buses from the nearest village, information about possible dangers and rules of calling for help in the hut.

4. The hut provides (at least):

  • putting everybody up in tourist conditions
  • simple meals and drinks
  • boiling water into your own dishes (free of charge or price shouldn't exceed the costs)
  • hot water to wash
  • using tourist kitchen (free of charge)
  • a room enabling preparing your own food (also by the means of camp stove)
  • dining room where you can eat your own meals
  • using dining room as a living room (except for the time of meals),
  • using first aid kit,
  • possibility of drying clothes and shoes, storing equipment and mending it, for tourists who are staying overnight,

5. The owner replies within 14 days in case of reservation. The answer is binding for both sides..

6. Tourists are given places in the order of appearance, although members of PTTK have the privilege of being first.. members of PTTK and organisations that signed agreement with ZG PTTK pay for a night according to other rules.

7. The owner is obliged to put a tourist up for one night (even if all places are taken) if they cannot get safely to another hut, village or if the weather conditions are bad. The price of such a substitute overnight stay cannot exceed the lowest price of overnight stay. A substitute overnight is given only when all places are occupied.

8. There is a "night silence" in the hut - you cannot use musical instruments, radio or disturb the rest of tourists in that time.